Best gaming keyboards – How to buy within your budget

You have 3 separate pages designated by the “m” keys. Sturdy and durable, not light weight and plastic feeling like most keyboards. Everything is placed logically and the overall design philosophy is to be around “minimalism”.

It has white back lightning per key that is adjustable; each key can even have the backlight manually turned off! For gamers, this can be handy to just take its default configuration of WASD, 123456 and arrow keys highlighted only. With the mechanical keys, you will not miss a key press during your games with the Vengeance K95.

The Corsair Vengeance K95 gaming keyboard has several media controls such as the play/Pause button, skip forward, skip backward, and stop button. I have used many “gaming keyboards” before finally getting this monster. Onboard memory allows for key programming directly on the keyboard, or you can use the attractive, simple to use software program. It also has a mute button and a volume wheel which makes it easier to control than a button.

Feedback from an owner of the Corsair Vengeance K95 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

Details such as how the wrist wrest is attached, key placements and overall ergonomics show that a lot of care was put into by Corsair to ensure that you get that “perfect” keyboard that you are looking for. Corsair just continues to prove to be of high quality products…” Ethan S.

. If the Corsair program is not running, you cannot directly program the keyboard while playing your game. However you should not have any problems unless you have a really small power supply.

“…this being my first mechanical keyboard i was at a loss of words when i first used it. As such, you define profiles with the 3 “m” key hot keys. The extra keys are marvellous for their intended purpose, which is gaming. However you can modify this according to what best suits you

You will also need a bigger power supply to run this keyboard as all the features highlighted above tend to consume power. I find its nicer to at least two USB ports in view of the fact so many of the devices now use the USB port.

Corsair Vengeance K95 gaming keyboard is a sleek looking mechanical keyboard with exceptional build quality with 3 banks of 18 programmable Cherry MX red mechanical keys. The quality is above and beyond any other brand. this was well needed. It totally blows away any other gaming keyboard i have used before hand. I’m not the type of person to leave reviews unless i feel that it is well needed..

This keyboard has enough macro keys for any serious gamer. It also has only one USB port. The keys are also easily detached to be cleaned.

On the negative side, it does not have a true on-the-fly macro programming as it requires you to have the corsair K95 software open on your desktop to program the G-Keys

Community Colleges Overcrowding | Larry Penley

In Colorado, where I served as president of Colorado State University, the waiting lists for nursing programs at some community colleges can be as long as 3.5 years. A 21st century economy depends upon a person’s knowledge as a foundation for increased personal earnings and the economy’s enlarged capacity to grow.

A recent Washington Post article cited difficulties that community colleges are having nationwide. With their typical robust set of support services, career colleges address the needs of non-traditional students. The option of a career makes sense. With the potential to play a vital role in the higher education sector, career colleges offer an alternative — a place for non-traditional students who would struggle in a more traditional college setting and as an educational option, not limited by traditional funding sources. As students seek opportunities in higher education, we must be careful not to limit these options for any segment of society; instead, we should support a system that encourages all students to pursue higher education. Why is this problematic? Now, more than ever, a college education is the key to future opportunities for today’s students and the capacity of a market economy to grow. The Washington Post article cites a craps dealer studying to become an anesthetist, a cocktail waitress learning to be a dental hygienist and a former stripper training to become a nurse – all careers that can be trained for at career colleges across the country in classes with fewer students than their community college counterparts.

As community colleges are suffering from funding and overcrowding issues, career colleges are being unfairly targeted by a proposed Department of Education regulation intended to curb the amount of unpaid student debt in this country. Unfortunately, this rule — the Gainful Employment rule — will potentially limit access for hundreds of thousands of students, students who need financial support the most because they are disproportionately low-income and minority students. Students denied access may become bored with their wait and give up on their education dream. Without these institutions, students have fewer options and society suffers from the lack of needed employees.

Career colleges also offer desired training for a student’s career. Their focus on practical, hands-on training is an additional advantage. Career colleges must remain a viable alternative to traditional community colleges and a substantial source of learning for those who choose to pursue higher education. Due to budget shortfalls, many of these institutions can no longer accommodate the number of students interested in attending. They have been forced to turn applicants away. Society suffers as well. Due to overcrowding and underfunding, nursing students in Colorado face the alternative of a career for which they have less passion or a wait of more than 3 years.

The Department of Education should recognize that career colleges are a vital part of the higher education community and an essential solution to our economic competitiveness. But this option is also facing limitations in its capacity to serve student and society. With a growing, aged population, the absence of adequate employees in sectors like nursing will mean lower quality health care.

There are alternatives to traditional community colleges in the form of career colleges. Their enrollment structure can remove barriers to successful program completion-barriers that are largely unaddressed in the community college environment.  

Limiting students’ educational opportunities creates barriers to success that many cannot overcome.

As I have already pointed out, prospective community college students must wait longer periods to take desired classes; their budgets are limiting their capacity to provide the services needed by non-traditional students, and students in traditional community colleges may even face being closed out of entire programs altogether. . In an effort to prevent students and graduates from defaulting on their student loans, the rule will deny federal financial aid to students who choose certain career college programs over a traditional community college

Greek PM defends ‘harsh’ debt deal

Banks have been shut since 29 June, and the International Monetary Fund says the country has missed another debt repayment, to go further into arrears.

The prime minister called it a “bad night” for Europe, adding that Greece was suffering post-traumatic stress.

Greece debt crisis: Greek PM defends ‘harsh’ deal – BBC News

A number of Syriza MPs are likely to rebel and the junior coalition party, the Independent Greeks, have offered only limited support.

His interview comes on the eve of the vote in Greece’s parliament. The interview will remind the public of the pressure he was under but won’t stop dissent in his party.

Mr Tsipras warned banks are unlikely to reopen until the deal, which includes up to EUR86bn (?61bn) of financing, is ratified, and this could take another month.

He said he had battled not to cut wages and pensions, arguing the terms agreed were milder than those in previous deals.

Mr Tsipras described the deal as “harsh”, but said it was the only way for Greece to remain in the euro.

A suggestion of providing Greece with emergency funding under the EU-wide European Financial Stability Mechanism has been opposed by Britain, which is not part of the euro but is an European Union member.

Tough test for Tsipras

Mr Tsipras said the referendum had helped secure a better, more long-term deal.

But he also attacked Greece’s creditors, saying “they wanted to take revenge”.

More on this story:

Bailout deal at a glance

Analysis: Mark Lowen, BBC News, Athens

Alexis Tsipras had one over-arching theme in this interview – that Greece was backed into a corner in these bailout talks, left with no other option than to sign what he called an agreement he didn’t believe in but would avoid disaster. The measures, including pensions and VAT reforms, must be passed by Wednesday.

Europe’s media stress drama of Greek deal

“You can’t promise things that you can’t bring about,” he told Dutch television.

France buoyed by Brussels agreement

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras says he does not believe in a bailout offered by eurozone leaders – but is willing to implement it.

The legislation is likely to pass because of opposition support, though Mr Tsipras will almost certainly reshuffle his cabinet soon after to bring in people committed to the cuts..

Defending the deal in an interview on state television, he said: “I assume responsibility for all mistakes I may have made, I assume responsibility for a text I do not believe in, but which I signed to avoid disaster for the country, the collapse of the banks.”

The conditional plan depends on austerity measures being passed through parliament, where Mr Tsipras faces resistance among his own MPs.

Despite the growing dissent at home he said he has no plans to resign.

Meanwhile Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who chairs the Eurogroup of finance ministers from euro countries – a key figure in the weekend’s fraught negotiations – said he was “angry” at Mr Tsipras for urging Greek votes to reject a similar package of austerity measures in a referendum.

Greece also faces an immediate cash-crisis

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How To Select The Right Casino Management System For Your Casinos?

By: Winsystem | Jul 11th 2013 – Finding a good casino system management can be tedious. You need to know your pain points, review interfaces and crosscheck vendor”s capability via references.

Tags: Casino management system, casino systems, Wigos casino manag. Before you invest your hard-earned money for a CMS, you must know how to find the one that is worth it

Neil Diamond performed hit after hit at San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center. – San Diego Music

This was a time most families did not have video cameras and cell phones in the house. Neil Diamond is an amazing story teller and captured the attention of the enthusiastic crowd.

The song combination of Beautiful Noise, If you know what I mean, and Brooklyn Roads gave the audience a glimpse of life growing up in New York. The Grammy award winning singer, Neil Diamond is out supporting his latest album, Melody Road released in late 2014.

The night featured hit after hit, story after story, no opening act, just a pure 2 hour long musical experience. Before singing “Brooklyn Roads,” Neil Diamond talked about growing up in Brooklyn, the bridge, the beach and the times with his family and brother. . As he walked out of his Diamond shaped backdrop he smiled and waved as he started singing “I’m a Believer.” Many in the crowd were singing and dancing along all night to songs including “Cherry Cherry,” “Forever in Blue Jeans” and “Sweet Caroline.”

Check out more Neil Diamond World Tour dates here.

If you couldn’t make it, some lucky Neil Diamond fans caught the show via live stream on the Apple only live streaming app called Periscope. He talked about how his father purchased a film camera the day he was born and made home movies. As the band played the song some of the home movies were shown on the screen behind him.

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Bill C-290 on single-event sports betting hasn’t passed Senate, election looms – Windsor

“Organized crime is doing it, so why don’t we do it too?”

Joe Comartin, the NDP MP who has long wanted to legalize sports betting on a single event, says it’s “shameful” the Senate has let his private member’s bill languish to the point it likely will not become law.

The proposed legislation would repeal a section of the Criminal Code that prohibits betting on a single race, fight, sporting event or athletic contest.

. “It’s just a great tool to take away a huge chunk of money from that type of criminal activity.”

If passed, provinces would then be allowed to make the change to allow gamblers to bet on one game at a time rather than multiple games.

The bill unanimously passed in the House of Commons and was sent to the Senate in March 2012. Comartin says that $10 billion — and maybe more — is being wagered illegally and funding organized crime.

The Senate will not sit again until after the federal election, which has a fixed election date of Oct. It’s an act to amend the Criminal Code and “allow for wagering on the outcome of a single sporting event, which is currently illegal in Canada.”

Comartin claims the change would have “created or saved 250 jobs” at Caesars Windsor.

“The same is true in Niagara Falls,” he said of Fallsview Casino and Casino Niagara.

Conservative Senator Vern White has been a vocal opponent of C-290.

White previously said the logic that the law should change just because organized crime is taking bets doesn’t make sense.

Comartin also says the bill is “a job creation tool, not just for this community but for a number of communities across the country.”

He is a former RCMP officer and chief of police for the city of Ottawa and previously told CBC’s Rosemary Barton the one thing Canada does not need is more gambling.

Comartin is not seeking re-election. He’s retiring.

Brian Masse, the NDP MP for Windsor-West, called single sports betting “a windfall for organized crime.”

Comartin was a member of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, which, in 2012, prepared a report on the state of organized crime.

“If we followed the line of thinking of Brian Masse, we would legalize cocaine and heroin, too,” he said. It’s been there ever since.

The Canadian Gaming Association says Canadians spend $450 million a year on multiple or parlay bets, but more than $10 billion on single sporting events.

Comartin introduced Bill C-290 back in 2011. 19.

“It’s been shameful, the opposition that has come from within the Senate,” Comartin said.

The report found trafficking in illicit drugs seemed to be a common component of organized crime activities, with other areas being human trafficking, counterfeit products, illegal gambling, money laundering, and vehicle theft.

“It’s a great method to fight organized crime,” Comartin said of the bill

Palaui Island becoming new tourist hotspot

It is part of the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport managed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA), a government-owned and controlled corporation.

Upon arrival at the Tuguegarao City airport, one needs to take another bus or van ride to reach Santa Ana, which takes about three to four hours.

“We are proud to be the ecotourism model of the country and gladly impart our expertise to promote an environmentally sound and inclusive approach to tourism,” he said.

“Camping in Palaui Island will give visitors a very thrilling experience. Those who like to camp have to bring their own tents, earth pad, portable stove, blankets, and trail food,” Villareal advised tourists who are planning to visit the place this summer..

Being a protected area and a marine sanctuary, Ponce said Palaui Island has also maintained a rich biodiversity of both flora and fauna.

Villareal’s Out of Town Blog is a travel, food and lifestyle blog magazine which showcases travel tales, travel guides and inputs from various contributors from all over the world.

Inhabited by more than 200 families, mostly of the Aeta or Agta tribe, Palaui Island has overtaken some of the most popular destinations such as Greece, Trinidad and Tobago, Madagascar, Brazil, Barbados and Mexico, placing even higher than El Nido in Palawan (14th) and Puka Beach in Boracay (84th) in the CNN ranking.

“This can be attributed to CEZA’s best practices with its community-based sustainable tourism program launching the Palaui Island Protected Landscape and Seascape as its pioneer site in 2006,” Calimag said

CEZA Public Relations chief Joyce Marie Jayme-Calimag said the economic zone is benchmarking 55 ecotourism enterprises in 22 sites of the provinces of Cagayan, Cebu, Davao Oriental, Masbate, Siquijor and Zambales.

A local tourist and blogger Melo Villareal of said Palaui offers great sights, breathtaking vistas, a light house, secluded beaches and a lot more adventure activities like sailing and boating, camping, snorkeling and diving, beach bumming and rafting.

To get to Palaui Island, Villareal said tourists can travel either by land or by air. PAL Express and Cebu Pacific are the flights that take visitors from Manila to Tuguegarao City –the capital of Cagayan province.

SANTA ANA, Cagayan – Ranked 10th among the 100 most beautiful islands and beaches in the world, Palaui Island is becoming the summer vacation’s choice among tourists for its white sand, volcanic rocks and blue green water.

From Manila, it will take about one hour to reach Tuguegarao by air and about 14 to 16 hours to reach Santa Ana by Cagayan via Victory Liner or Florida Bus.

CEZA Administrator Jose Mari Ponce also said the ecotourism campaign has allowed them to hit three birds with one stone, which is to capacitate the grassroots society and eventually make them economically self-reliant, to participate in the protection and preservation of the environment, and to promote Palaui Island as a tourism and educational site.

Calimag said in August 2013, the US reality TV series “Survivor” conducted its four-month 27th season filming in Palaui Island and other beaches in Cagayan, while Columbia Pictures, 21st Century Fox and Golan Films are also considering Palaui as film production sites.

“The island’s trails cover thick forests, a number of natural waterfalls, caves, mangroves, seagrass, a magnificent landscape and seascape view, and a century-old Cape Engan?o Lighthouse, among others. The coral reefs and marine lives also thrive in this sanctuary,” Ponce added.

Lying along the South China Sea-Pacific Ocean coast, Palaui is a 7,415-hectare island that has been declared as a Marine Reserve under the National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992 and categorized as a Protected Landscape and Seascape.

The island boasts of its rich biodiversity, including primary and secondary forests, mangroves, coral reefs, caves, grasslands, inter-tidal zones and seagrass meadows, among others

Winstrol as GP Stan from Geneza Pharmaceuticals And Its Effects

Winstrol is one of the most popular steroids in use today. It has been noticed that the treatment with Stanozolol was successful in treating hereditary angioedema and anemia. proposes to buy GP Stan 10 online at the best prices ever. It is mainly used in a cutting cycle just to help in the lean body shape while metabolizing adipose, although it has not been proved as a conclusively that it has any special fat burning properties. To buy GP Stan 10 Winstrol visit

GP Stan 10 Winstrol is mostly used by the sports athlete and those people who do body building exercise in gym and a like to loose fat while preserving lean body mass.

Masculinizations are very common even at a low doses of GP Stan 10 winstrol. GP Stan 10 is also used in horse racing, in bodybuilding, and many more. GP Stan 10 (Winstrol tabs) does not have the ability to aromatize and therefore will not cause any water bloat.

Because of GP Stan 10 Winstrol needs to be used daily or every second day, Stanozolol can become one of the more expensive anabolic steroids to use. Stanozolol or GP Stan 10 Winstrol is one of the anabolic steroids which are commonly used as an erogogenic aid and is banned from use in sports competition. Males typically use GP Stan 10 in dosages of 40-100mgs a day for a period of 6-8 weeks.

GP Stan 10 Winstrol tabs by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an oral steroid which contains 10mgs of the hormone stanozolol. is the safest and fastest way to buy GP Stan 10 and other anabolic steroids from Geneza Pharmaceuticals on competitive, cheap prices from trustable steroid pharmacy. As with any other steroid several side effects have been reported by male users of Winstrol.. GP Stan 10 Winstrol dosage. For the best results stanozolol is stacked with other testosterone which is based on anabolic steroids. GP Stan 10 has very low androgenic properties and very high anabolic properties. Buy GP Stan 10 Winstrol at

GP Stan 10 Winstrol tabs by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an oral steroid which contains 10mgs of the hormone stanozolol.  Winstrol has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for human use

Treating Vertigo with an Epley Chair Video

I came clean

as a whistle through all of that. I’ve only spent three days since I have had the

chair experience and of course, you have some dizziness right after

that because you been spinned all over the place. It shut everything down, almost like a

computer closing down.

Treating Vertigo with an Epley Chair

Dr. Michael O’Leary: Literally rocks in your head, and now they’re loose, and you’re in


Related Articles

Treating Vertigo with an Epley Chair

Vertigo Treatment and Natural Home Remedies for Vertigo

Vertigo is the emotion that you or your surroundings is moving or spinning. They started to maneuver and here it is back. They’re microscopic, little small rocks, they’re supposed

to be attached the hair cells and they’ll let you know where gravity

is. Travis Stork: Well, thank you for sharing me the Epley Chair with this, thank

you for sharing your story. Michael O’Leary: Okay, when it’s doing that, she knows that world is rock and

rolling. Travis Stork: So quite simply, the crystals in the inner ear that allow us to have

balance and whatnot become misaligned and this procedure can

help realign them. Ian Purcell: Yes.

Vertigo and Unani medicine

Vertigo occurs when there is a mismatch or difference in the information sent to the brain from the three sensory organs . You

know, vertigo symptoms, it can be a dizzy sensation, it’s the

environment spinning, you can have nausea and vomiting, you can

be a light-headed, you can have loss of balance.

Dr. Ian Purcell: The Epley Chair is a device that was developed to reposition

loosed crystals inside the inner ear. Michael O’Leary: Absolutely

Dr. It saves big money, big injury to patients sometimes, that

other 50%, the black side of the roulette wheel are a hundred

different things it could be, just like you’ve said. But today, I’m

feeling really good. O’Leary.

So the purpose of the Epley Chair is that, number one, diagnose

and identify where the crystals are in either ear or where they are

in this labyrinth or maze and then number two, allow us to

reposition them back into an area where they don’t cause irritation.

Dr. The incidence of falling is……


Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is the most common type of vertigo. So we’re going to roll to the chair which is a little

more aggressive way, to actually see if we can clear them out for


Dr. So the Epley Chair, intriguing, how does that’s work?

Zee: Thank you.. Among the three sensory systems i.e the vestibular system (the inner ear structures), the visual system (the eyes), and the somatosensory system (which conveys information from the skin, joint, and muscle receptors), the former is most sensitive and often involved with vertigo….

Zee: Yes, well it worked. Michael O’Leary: You know, for you in the ER is really like that roulette wheel, and

that the odds are about the same, 50% of all the folks you’ll see in

that ER are this. The overall occurance of dizziness, vertigo, and imbalanceis 5-10%, and it quickly reaches 40% in patients older than 40 years of age. Ian Purcell are pioneers in the field of

neurology and balance and are having great success with the Epley

Chair with patients just like Zee. Zee: I woke up in the middle of the night, spinning like I was on a ride

at a carnival, and I could not get off. Ian Purcell explain that an experimental contraption called the Epley Chair helps vertigo sufferers.

Dr. You know, modern medicine has come up with an

incredible treatment for vertigo because it can be debilitating. There are some very

serious causes of vertigo, stroke, etcetera that you’ve got to rule

out before we call it benign.


Discover Vertigo By Yourself

Having vertigo means that your surrounding are moving and spinning basing on your feelings. Travis Stork: Dr. Michael O’Leary: Ready all way down? Good.

These constellation of symptoms, and they can hit without

warning. Michael O’Leary: Yeah, you know, in darkness now Travis, your eyes — when you

move your head, are going to compensate reflexively just like

you’re playing on a street, on a skateboard, or skiing, and this feels

totally natural. Michael O’Leary: They sure are and that’s what we called a reflexive saccade. And if it’s this, you don’t have to do any that

workup. Travis Stork: It’s one of the top 10 most misdiagnosed conditions. O’Leary who is a specialist in dizziness and



Dr. Sometimes these crystals break loose, migrate through the inner

ear, in areas that become irritated when the crystals rub up against

them, on the fluids of that area.

Zee: Oh, it’s happening Dr. Nevertheless, it is caused by problems with visions. Michael O’Leary and Dr.

I’m talking about vertigo — 50% of adults who’ll experience this at

some point in their lifetime and 70% of these are women. It starts with

shaky eyes, dizziness, light headiness, and suffers often — it end up

actually falling down and injuring themselves without warning. The problems in the inner ear are often  the origin of this condition. These crystals are supposed to

be there. Congratulations.


Dr. Travis Stork: So, I want to try these goggles out, and explain to everyone what’s

going on with my eyes.

Dr. I’m just afraid that

once I get behind the wheel, and have dizzy episode, and then it

will be disastrous.

Male: Those are kind of just like baby rollercoaster, it goes nice and

slow, not too fast.

Dr. Michael O’Leary: Let’s take a look at ears and see how they look.

Dr. Michael O’Leary: So, there’s still a little bit of spinning going on, lets take a look and

we’ll see if we can see any evidence of the crystal still being

present. Travis Stork: Are they going back and forth?

Dr. Michael O’Leary and Dr. In the meantime, I was still

spinning. I didn’t know what was

happening, I thought I might be having a stroke, I felt like my

brain is exploding. And he told me if these maneuvers didn’t cure

it, then I’d have to go in this Epley Chair. But if you look on what those eyes are doing on this

set, absolutely looks wild.

Dr. And you know, vertigo is so

common, I see it in neuro all time, people are come in, vomiting,

they can’t live a normal life, because these symptoms are so

severe. Turn you head to the left, and you’re going to feel this

little vibration like people used for massage, this actually shakes

the crystals in that inner ear.

Dizziness And Vertigo

Dizziness and vertigo are among the most common complaints causing patients to visit a physician (as common as back pain and headaches). Travis Stork: And the important thing here is, there is treatment, but we’re

talking about benign positional vertigo here. It differs from dizziness in that vertigo describes an illusion of movement. Dr. But to catch this

one which is so common and hard to catch, but once you know it,

you know exactly what’s going on, you’ll know that you’re going

to do fine.

Dr. It’s

called the Epley Chair, and there’s only six of them in use in the

entire country, like many vertigo suffers, Zee was active wife and

mom who had a normal life, until one day, she woke up and her

world was literally turned upside down.

Zee: When, I first going to see Dr. Driving is my biggest fear. If you

have that when your head isn’t moving, your whole brain says

some things terribly wrong. Travis Stork: So Zee, it worked?

Dr. Travis Stork: And the nice thing is, you can do the Epley maneuvers without the

chair correct?

Dr. The doctor said that you might have something wrong

with your middle ear or inner ear, and recommended for me to

come to see Dr. And I thought “What’s

this Epley Chair?” He said that it maneuvers your body to help get

these crystals out of your ear area, or you feel like you’re in like

Frankenstein movie and it’s going to spin you around and I’m

going to come out as great woman with no dizziness.

I had to go for an MRI, I had to go for a CAT Scan, they are

looking for tumors or any abnormalities in my brain. So this is

what where doing, there are still some crystals in that canal causing

that spinning. O’Leary, he was just doing some

maneuvers with me. People who are suffering from vertigo feel that their surroundings are spinning, even if they are just standing still….

Dr. Travis Stork: Well, I want you all to take a look because Zee just recently had

her first treatment.

Treating Vertigo with an Epley Chair

Zee: If this works for me, I won’t have to undergo surgery or anything

like that, so I’m extremely grateful for it.

Zee: He said that my dizziness is caused by tiny crystals that have

dislodged in my inner ear and settled there.

Dr. When you feel as if you physically are moving, it\’s called subjective vertigo, and the perception that your environs are moving is call objective vertigo….


Everything you need to know about the Cricket World Cup 2011

You should know: Kolkata is home to the

largest Indian cricket stadium, Eden Gardens, and some notoriously fervid Indian cricket fans. India vs. A World

Cup final in Mumbai, the cradle of Indian cricket.

You should know: Locals say you should watch the match

with 500 plus fans on giant screens at the DLF promenade. Don’t look

directly into those crazy fan eyes.

Read more on “Mumbai’s maidans: Former birthplaces of India’s cricket gods” on CNNGo.

If you’re travelling within India, book a

domestic flight on and get the base fare free off your next

domestic ticket (redeemable only on SpiceJet). It’s a weekend match between two of the most aggressively offensive sides in world cricket today.  

Best matches to attend 

Note: India is issuing six-month multiple-entry visas, but a new rule means once you leave the country, you have to wait two months before returning, so no hopping in and out on a whim. 

Also offering similar packages is Tui (+91 (0) 22 33005555, which is pricier than the former.

“The History of World Cup Cricket” by James Alter, Roli Books, Rs 495.CNNGo scored some excerpts prior to the release of “The History of World Cup Cricket” by James Alter, just so you

can show off. England in Bangalore (the

game was moved from Eden Gardens

to Bangalore because the legendary Kolkata stadium was not prepared in time for this match.

India is about to be hit by a work productivity loss of 768 million man hours.

Nocturne, 31, Shakespeare Sarani,

HSBC Building, Elgin; +91 9831252442, +91 (0) 33 22903648

Bangalore: A 10-minute walk from M.

Travel deals 


agents say accommodation in smaller cities like Mohali and Nagpur is filling up

fast, so if you have a ticket, figure out hotel arrangements quickly. 

Here’s how to be a part of this heady two-month South Asian sports party.

The big ticket

If you haven’t got your World Cup

tickets yet, you need to pick up the pace. The

reassuring bit is that the website has constant updates and email support for

different crisis situations (but no way to track couriers) and getting in touch with the constantly

congested helpline is a pain.

Kolkata: Hookah, flavored shots, and a long,

long bar at new club Nocturne that stays open later than most, until 3 a.m. And if India is playing Pakistan (the only opportunity for the two teams to meet), it will be madness. India in Mirpur (the

opening game), February 19.


should know: Stroll through Shivaji Park for a glimpse into the

birthplace of future pro Indian cricketers. The

base package for the final match at Cutting Edge Events starts at Rs 27,800, while the one at Tui is Rs 42,000. FYI: Bookmakers hold India clear favorites to win this World Cup as they believe

this is the best Indian side ever, and are too difficult a team to beat at home.

A young Australian cricket fan.The most fun

games to attend are the ones involving the hosts because that’s when the

stadiums will be brimming with fans. Many greats including Sachin Tendulkar have been

nurtured on this ground. 

If your World Cup watching involves travel, Cutting Edge Events (+91 9820027663/ +91 9819549724, is your best bet. Sri Lanka in Colombo, February 26. And so it goes …


Myntra and Nike team up to bring you customized jerseys that you can order online, preview your personalized details and have delivered to your doorstep, for Rs 895.

Place your bets: Bookies say India


Cricket Council chief Haroon Lorgat has suggested legalizing sports betting in

India in order to curb corruption in the game of cricket. Pakistan vs. at 10 Downing

Street (a 15-minute drive from the Chepauk stadium), where an afternoon deal of

Rs 250 will get you beer, the chef’s special and dessert. Two things: An alcohol-free,

vegetarian Indian state.

You should know: A 2010 DNA story reveals that the tech hub of

India and a big student town is increasingly resorting to hypnosis to deal with stress. The reason? Cricket. 

Prepare to pay about 12 percent of the ticket fare in service, bank charges and taxes.

Kyazoonga writes a big “Woo hoo!” when your booking is confirmed.

Nice touch. And Bal

Thackeray’s head might explode.

1987: Courtney Walsh’s

decision not to run out the last Pakistani batsman Salim Jaffer, who had completely backed out of his crease at the non-strikers end, potentially cost West Indies the World Cup that year.

If all else fails, every Mumbaikar

knows someone who knows someone who can score tickets. Australia vs. For free!

There have however, been some

complaints about overseas fans not having received their tickets yet. Pakistan in Colombo, March 19. Enough said. West Indies in Chennai, March

20. Pakistan was supposed to hold 14 matches, including one semi-final but were stripped of their World Cup hosting rights in the wake of the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan national cricket team in Lahore.  . Sri Lanka in Colombo, March 5. Final in Mumbai, April 2. Pakistan might be India’s most hated rival, but it never hurts to stick it

to India’s former colonial overlords.

At least 10-12 million peoples’ attention is going to shift to the ICC Cricket World Cup co-hosted by India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from February

19 to April 2, according to a survey from the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India.

1996: Ricky Ponting became

the youngest World Cup centurion (21 years and 76 days) against West Indies at


1983: In 1983, a fielding

circle was introduced, 30 yards away from the stumps.


Rest House Road, Brigade Road; +91 (0) 80 25587336, +91 9844096185 

3. Four fieldsmen needed to

be inside it.


These guys aren’t allowed to sell

tickets minus a package, so a way around that for Mumbaikars is to get the

transfer package that comes with a match pass, and stadium transfer. Prior to this, teams had dressed in white and used

red balls.

Here’s where to fill your soul with beer at the best

host cities this World Cup. Bangladesh knocked India out of the World Cup in 2007, and the Indians have still not gotten over it.

Online travel booking engine is running a similar deal with a free ticket redeemable on highly recommended budget airline IndiGo. This is the last game in Group B and there is a chance one of the two sides will need to win it to guarantee a place in the quarterfinals.


City to avoid: Ahmedabad.

Trivia source: A new book on the history of world cup cricket  

6. #FAIL), February 27. This will cost

you more than face value, but that’s the price you pay for being a slow coach. Why? Most

importantly, they have a ton of ticket packages available NOW, and tie ups with

hotels that may appear to be out of rooms when you try booking online. Book before March 25 and use before April 15. Hint: find a member of

the Garware Club — they get one to two tickets based on a computerized lottery

system — and start sucking up now.

Howzzat sports barHowzzat sports bar in Gurgaon.New Delhi: What could be more perfect than Howzzat,


cricket-themed bar that brews its own beer and has ginormous TV

screens? Alternatively, cozy Red Monkey Bar has all-day happy hours on

Mondays and Tuesdays, discounts on beer and sangria and stadium-like,

true live sound system.

4.  Australia

vs. Silly points? Not. 

You should know: Hit one of the many casinos

in Colombo, especially if you’re heading to India next, where gambling is

illegal. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Guzzlers Inn is a

convenient pre and post match watering hole. India vs.

Bar hopping in the best host cities


Club Cafe, 34, Queens Road; +94 (0) 11 2501384, 

Sports Bar

Express, ground floor, Regal Cinema Building, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba,

+91 (0) 22 66396682; Geoffrey’s, Marine Plaza, 29 Marine Drive; +91 (0) 22 22851212

You should know: Respected cricketed website calls Chennai spectators “the most knowledgeable cricket fans in the

country” so don’t go challenging them to a game of World Cup trivia at the pub.


Kences Inn Boutique Hotel, North Boag Road, T.Nagar; +91 (0) 44 28152152,


If you don’t find good seats online,

which is a possibility at this point, officially appointed travel agents (see travel deals below) are your best bet. Bangladesh vs. Australia trumped them in the 2007 final.

Vodafone Essar bags exclusive rights for the live streaming of the ESPN-Star Sports coverage of the 2011 World Cup.Listen to cool World Cup podcasts

featuring quick bites from players; play the new Fantasy Cricket League online by Zapak; Vodafone subscribers can watch live streaming of the match coverage; Google users are invited to mark all important points around match venues using Google Map Maker.

Jersey shore: Personalized Team India jersey

How about a blue Team India jersey with your name and favorite number on it?


Chennai: Start drinking at noon considering all bars shut at 11 p.m.

1979: Viv Richards is the only person

to have played World Cup football and World Cup cricket, having represented

Antigua in qualifying matches for the 1974 finals.

CrickeTech: Podcasts, online gaming and live mobile streaming   

Colombo: Sir Donald Bradman’s

memorabilia and lots of beer at Cricket Club Cafe, a bar housed in a pretty bungalow.

Book fast-disappearing tickets on, the official ticket hub online and be weary of fakers on the

web. Sri Lanka beat Australia in the 1996 final. Book before March 20 and use before

April 11.

Mumbai: Special world cup offers and big TV screens at Sports Bar Express and Geoffrey’s. You won’t want to miss it for the world.


Galaxy Hotel, NH-8, Sector 15, Part II, Gurgaon; +91 (0) 24 4565000; Red

Monkey, 47

Defence Colony Market;

+91 9910808653.

1992: White balls and colored kits

were not used until 1992. Should you get into a pub brawl with

a Bengali bloke, respectfully call him dada

for instant calming effect